Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Terms and Conditions:

By participating in this project you are indicating that you have read and accept these terms and conditions. It is the right of the administrators of shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem to change these terms and conditions at any time.

1: Rights and Usage

1.1: Ownership of copyright
All submissions to the competitions must be the registered users own original work and must not include copyrighted works or intellectual property of any third parties not licensed by the user for use in the competition. Copyright of original works submitted to shoutoutlove/bitchaboutthem remains the property of the designer of the submitted work.

1.2: Licensing
By submitting work to shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem project you are granting shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem and shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem administrators non exclusive, unlimited licence to use the image submitted for any purpose seen fit. Where possible, permission will be sought from the copyright holder before works are used anywhere else apart from on the shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem site. A condition of this licence is that where work is used credit will be given using details supplied at registration.

1.3: Publication
Shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem seek unlimited licence on images for promotion of the site. It is hoped that a shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem Book will be published that includes selected works from all entries. To this end we ask that you do keep, if possible, high resolution source files for your submission as we may ask for it at some point in the future.

1.4: Copyright
For a full statement of shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem' position on copyright please read on.

Copyright Statement:

1: Copyright of the site
The shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem websites and all documents and pages to be found on the internet domain & are copyrighted works. All copyright with regard to the concept, technology, design, text of the site is held by shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem except for submisions and user information.

2: Copyright of Submisions
All entries to shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem projects, including but not limited to thumbnail images, artwork, comments and titles are copyright of their respective creators. Submision of work to this site in no way forfeits copyright of the said work to shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem administrators.

3: Licensing of works
By entering work to shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem projects the copyright holder of said work grants non-exclusive unlimited license to the administrators of shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem to said works this includes but is not limited to thumbnail images, artwork, comments and titles. This license is granted for the purposes of site promotion, publication of a book and any other usage that the administrators warrant. This does preclude usage that infringes the creators copyright and wherever possible permission will be sought and due credit will be given. Works will only be used in situations associated with the shoutoutlove & bitchaboutthem projects site.